Dr. Brian Kinney, MCS Maverick Award Winner!

Congratulations to Brian Kinney, MD, FACS, member of our Intelligent Injectables Advisory Board, for presenting “Evolution of Fat Grafting without Centrifugation and Enzymes” and winning the Miami Cosmetic Surgery Maverick Award!

In his session, Dr. Kinney presented scientific and clinical information regarding the intelliFat™ system for facial fat grafting and other regenerative procedures.

He finds intelliFat™ to be the top all-inclusive kit for fat grafting as it provides predictable and reproducible results while still being easy to use and cost effective.

The Miami Cosmetic Surgery Maverick Award recognizes one speaker in each scientific session for their progressive and innovative ideas for the lasting impact they will have on medical aesthetics!

For more information, please visit: intellifat.com and drkinney.com