intelliFat Kit

intelliFat Kit Box

intelliFat is a new innovative kit that enables physicians to quickly and efficiently transfer the patient’s own adipose tissue under local anesthesia, with no centrifuge.

All in a single use, disposable kit.

intelliFat is harvested via tumescent technique, reducing patient risk by eliminating the need for general anesthesia.

Harvest, process, and transfer in a closed system to achieve viable adipose tissue of varying cluster sizes.

intelliFat™ makes low volume fat transfers fast, simple, and cost effective.

intelliFat Components

intelliFat™ Kit Components

Proprietary SuperG® (Gentle) Cannulas:

• 2.5mm SuperG® Milli for 1.0mm adipose clusters
• Patented 2.7mm infiltration and harvesting SuperG® Micro for 500μm adipose clusters

Proprietary intelliFat Filters for Washing and Sizing Adipose:

• Two proprietary intelliFat filters for washing adipose
•  Patented Diamond Cut™ resizer for <500μm tissue fragments

Proprietary Transfer Cannulas and Skin Rejuvenation:
• Blunt tip cup transfer cannulas in 18g x 12cm and 19g x 5cm
• Stroma Stamp™ for epidermal stimulation

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