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intelliFat SVT is a new iteration of our popular intelliFat™ kit that enables physicians to quickly and efficiently transfer the patient’s own micro-adipose tissue under local anesthesia for regenerative procedures.

All in a single use, disposable kit.

intelliFat SVT features our new SuperG® Milli Plus harvester for a faster harvest via syringe and our new intelliHub™ making a sturdier and more secure luer connection.

Quickly harvest, process, and transfer a clean and viable micro fragmented fat, what we term as stromal vascular tissue (SVT).

intelliFat™ SVT kit makes low volume regenerative procedures fast, safe, simple, and cost effective.

intelliFat SVT Components

intelliFat™ SVT Kit Components

Proprietary SuperG® (Gentle) Cannulas:

• 2.5mm SuperG® Milli Plus cannula for 1.0mm adipose clusters
• 2.0mmm infiltration cannula
• intelliHub™ Connector –new!

Proprietary intelliFat SVT Filters for Washing and Sizing Adipose:

• Two proprietary intelliFat SVT filters for washing adipose
•  Patented Diamond Cut™ resizer for <500μm tissue fragments

Also included for convenience:
• Two syringe caps
• Two female to female luer

intelliFat SVT
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